P O I S O N N O V A Melodic death metal combine with the deepest Hate and Anger.. Come up from Cirebon - Indonesia started with the same feeling and loving this kind of music and then we made Amerta after long rest and reconstruction of some members we changed our band name into POISON NOVA With some new members our music had change becoming more melodic, faster, heavier, a little bit technical combine with the true harmonized of the guitars Just like Poison We will spread it and infected all the people with our Nova formulas...Come and see us Plays Live We will make nice KiD into JeRK!!.. 
Poison Nova are: Diemast Lovelo Lucky Febryansyah on vocal, Harish Banser on guitar, Soni Gusteni on guitar, Felix Roland Polakitan on bass, Andryan Duta Gama on drums